Ranise Product Lines

Our Brands

Experience, passion, strong roots in the territory and global vision: these words sum up Ranise Agroalimentare’s mission. Philosophy and values that can be found in all our lines of products. Visit the dedicated site by clicking on the logo.

With “Metodo Bio” brand, we offer a range of products obtained through a sustainable production system that respects both the environment and health, without any use of GMO or synthetic chemicals.

Golfo del Vento offers a line of 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, alongside the most typical Ligurian specialities.

Ascheri 1960 is a line of products closely bound to our family path. Our goal is the research for taste, a gastro- nomic delight that is particular and unique.
We are dynamic and forward-looking, while keeping strong roots in our traditions.

Olivolandia is an exclusive beauty line that contains Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil: a precious ingredient with hydrating, nourishing, soothing, repairing and anti-aging properties on the skin.

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