mini oil

Available sizes:
12 items per carton

art: 681 – chilli pepepr – 100 ml
art: 685 – garlic – 100 ml
art: 683 – herbs – 100 ml
art: 684 – lemon – 100 ml
art: 690 – white truffle – 100 ml
art: 693 – black truffle – 100 ml
art: 686 – basil – 100 ml
art: 687 – rosmary – 100 ml
art: 691 – pizza – 100 ml
art: 692 – porcino mushroom – 100 ml
art: 688 – thyme – 100 ml
art: 694 – aged dressing – 100 ml
art 695 – tris box 1: Garlic oil, chilli pepper oil, herbs oil. – 100 ml x 3
art 696 – tris box 2: Liguritio oil, aged dressing, chilli pepper oil – 100 ml x 3


Chilli Pepper: Perfect for seasoning “penne all’Arrabbiata” it’s great also for flavoring any dish and to give a bit of spiciness to the pizza.

Garlic: Liguritio oil, aged dressing, chilli pepper oil.To be enjoyed on toasted bread, pasta, pizza, salads but also on roasted meat or fish, vegetable soups, raw and cooked vegetables.

Herbs: Suitable for everything from salads, fish, cheese, pasta, soups, pizzas, vegetables…

Lemon: Ideal for flavoring seafood, salads, vegetables and whenever the recipe requires lemon aroma, as on carpaccio of meat or fish.

White truffle: It transforms a simple plate of fried eggs in a classy dish but it’s delicious also on carpaccio, in fondue and for dressing pasta dishes.

Black truffle: Excellent when used raw or barely warmed to flavor fried eggs, tartar, cheese, risotto and pasta dishes in general.

Basil: Ideal complement to light sauces. Great on pasta, in minestrone soup and to accompany the fresh tomatoes in salads or on bruschetta.

Rosmary: Perfect for enhancing the flavor of roasts and grilled meat. Great on baked potatoes or focaccia.

Pizza: It gives a punch to a freshly baked pizza.

Black Pepper: The ideal addition to enrich dishes with an exotic and intense note. Excellent for flavoring soups or for seasoning fish dishes and vegetables.

Ginger: Spicy and pungent, it is ideal with cheeses, white meats and soups. Also try it on fish dishes and raw vegetables.

Aged dressing: The aged dressing is very versatile and can be used to flavor many dishes. Not only on red meat and cheese, but also to give an original touch to fruit salads and ice cream.