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Available sizes:

chilli pepper
art: 601 – 200 ml – items per carton 12

garlic and chilli pepper
art: 602 – 200 ml – items per carton 12

art: 603 – 200 ml – items per carton 12

art: 604 – 200 ml –  items per carton 12


Chilli pepper: perfect for seasoning “penne all’Arrabbiata” it’s great also for flavouring any dish and to give a bit of spiciness to the pizza.

Garlic and chilli pepper: It’s excellent to prepare “pasta aglio, olio e peperoncino” (garlic, oil & spicy pepper sauce) but is also perfect in fried or sautéed vegetables.

Herbs: Very versatile, it is suitable to dress everything from salads, fish, cheese, pasta, soups, pizzas and vegetables…

Lemon: Ideal for flavoring seafood, salads, vegetables and whenever the recipe requires lemon aroma, as on carpaccio of meat or fish.